2018 GRDC Grains Research Updates

The Online Farm Trials contains over 4,700 trials across Australia from over 50 contributing organisations.
As part of the GRDC Updates for 2018, we will be demonstrating the potential for Online Farm Trials to assist you with your queries on latest available grain industry trial research.

Training sessions on how to use the different capabilities of the OFT portal are being held.
Please call in, have a look at the latest developments and how we can support your organisation to participate in Online Farm Trials.

We hope you enjoy the resources Online Farm Trials brings together, and welcome any comments or suggestions to improve your experience in using Online Farm Trials via our feedback form.

Summer weeds

Controlling summer weeds is a key strategy to conserving moisture and nutrients across medium to low rainfall cropping zones of Australia. Herbicide and tillage strategies, combating weed varieties, herbicides and adjuvants, and latest spraying technologies are included.

Stubble management and retention

Managing stubble post-harvest is a yearly issue for planning rotation. OFT trials cover issues including stubble breakdown options, cropping sequencing, sowing configurations and associated costs, grazing and weed management strategies.

Managing Soil moisture

Over 100 OFT trials cover managing moisture variability, crop rotations that optimise moisture availability, impacts of break and summer crops and nitrogen conservation including timing of fertiliser application.

Gypsum trials

Soils that suffer from poor infiltration due to structure decline and sodicity can result in significant losses in productivity and decline in plant health. An amendment commonly used to treat such conditions is gypsum (also known as calcium sulfate dehydrate).

More improvements coming soon

A new OFT website is  currently in development.
The new version aims to streamline the search for trials with OFT, making the interface more intuitive and will include seasonally relevant collections of trials.

New OFT website