GRDC online initiatives

GRDC online initiatives

Other GRDC online initiatives and resources are listed below. These initiatives are an important source of grains related information and have been integrated with the OFT research applications where suitable. Please follow the links in the description to access further information. 

Better Fertiliser Decisions

The Making Better Fertiliser Decisions for Cropping Systems in Australia (BFDC) provides the fertiliser industry, agency staff and agribusiness advisors with knowledge and resources to improve nutrient recommendations for optimising crop production.

See more at Better Fertiliser Decisions.


CropPro delivers diagnostic and economic tools for efficient identification and management of constraints to crop productivity and profitability. The core functions of CropPro are to diagnose the cause of wheat and canola crop problems, support risk analysis and provide evidence-based information for management of crop constraints.

See more at CropPro.


eXtensionAUS is an online learning network which complements your regular knowledge gathering systems. eXtensionAUS Communities of Practice  bring together research expertise from across the country to deliver timely, relevant, evidence-based information to you when you need it and how you want it - direct from the experts. You can read our latest article, sit in on a webinar, follow us on Twitter or watch an interview with one of our experts and have the ability to ask a question of our national team of experts at any time.

See more at eXtensionAUS.

Final Reports

An online repository of GRDC Final Reports. Final Reports are prepared at the conclusion of a GRDC supported investment to report overall findings of a project(s).

See more at Final Reports.

Grain and Graze

Grain and Graze is a national research program focussing on risk management, grazing on crop lands and crop/fodder rotations.

See more at Grain and Graze


GrowNotes are your one-stop shop for regional trial results and best practice recommendations. Presented as an online flip-book, each set of GrowNotes provides an overview of the crop and a range of farm practice reference notes, and backs them up with trial results and best-practice recommendations, so you can make informed farm management decisions about your crop.

See more at GrowNotes.

GRDC website

The GRDC website provides access to grains research, development and extension information from across the three grain cropping regions. It contains information for grains industry stakeholders to help enhance the productivity, profitability and sustainability of Australian grain growers.

See more at GRDC.

National Variety Trials

National Variety Trials is a national program of comparative crop variety testing with standardised trial management, data generation, collection and dissemination. This is managed through an internet accessed database that ensures a common approach and uniformity across the system.

See more at National Variety Trials.

Yield Gap Australia

Yield Gap Australia is an interactive map based tool for grain growers, agronomists, research funders and policy makers. It shows the extent and geographic distribution of the yield gap (the gap between actual and potential crop yield) of rainfed wheat and canola crops in Australia.

See more at Yield Gap Australia.