How do researchers use OFT? with Amanda Schapel

Amanda at Primary Industries and Regions SA tells us how Online Farm Trials saves her time and digging around trying to find trial reports for her research. [embed][/embed]

Privacy policy for Google accounts

OFT can use you Google account to access your email and profile. This  information is used for authentication purposes only Authentication information is not shared to any party, and is only accessible by OFT developers.

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Yield Gap Australia

Yield Gap Australia is an interactive map based tool for grain growers, agronomists, research funders and policy makers. It shows the extent and geographic distribution of the yield gap (the gap between actual and potential crop yield) of rainfed wheat and canola crops in Australia. See more at Yield Gap Australia.

National Variety Trials

National Variety Trials is a national program of comparative crop variety testing with standardised trial management, data generation, collection and dissemination. This is managed through an internet accessed database that ensures a common approach and uniformity across the system. See more at National Variety Trials.