Report Library


The Report Library is a searchable repository of individual trial reports and other trial related documents produced and supplied by the project contributors. Individual trial reports can also be accessed from the trial project on the Trial Explorer.

The Report Library is updated on an ongoing basis as new trial projects are submitted to the OFT database and documents are prepared and uploaded. Grains research related publications are welcome from researchers, grower groups or organisations wishing to publish material using the Report Library.

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User guide

The Report Library is a collection of trial reports and grains industry related documents from the OFT project contributors. Users are able to query the Report Library using the search function.


To search the Report Library enter a search term, choose the number of results per page in the drop down menu and click 'Go'. Results are presented in a list below the search field. At the top of the list is the number of results found for the search term entered.

Search results are ordered by relevance to the search term. Relevance is determined by a full document keyword search. 

The results list contains information regarding the document with the options to view the trial details (if applicable) or download the trial report. 

Result filters are available to the right of the result list. These enable users to filter their search results by year, organisation, trial site and crop type.  

To view the library status or read searching tips, toggle the respective options on with the buttons directly beneath the search field. 

Search Tips

  • '+' is prepended to each word by default to require each word to be present eg: Stripe Rust => +Stripe +Rust = Stripe AND Rust.
  • Insert '-' before a word to exclude results with that word eg: Stripe Rust -Foliar = Stripe AND Rust NOT Foliar.
  • Enclose a phrase in double quotes to search for an exact phrase "Stripe Rust".
  • Short or common words may result in no results or strange results eg: "Rot".
  • Not all text content from trial report PDFs may have extracted successfully, and may not be included in the search as a result eg: handwritten notes.
  • Filter results by year, grower group or trial site

Report Library resource status

The Report Library resource status table displays the total number and year range of documents available in the Report Library from the total number of trial projects from contributing organisations.