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Organisations uploading and publishing trials on Online Farm Trials (OFT) are listed below. This list is updated as new groups or organisations share trials on OFT. For further information regarding any of the trials presented on OFT, or to enquire about possible future farm trial research collaboration, please contact the relevant researcher or organisation directly. 

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Birchip Cropping Group

BCG is a not-for-profit agricultural research and extension organisation led by farmers from the Wimmera and Mallee regions of Victoria. Aiming to improve the prosperity of farmers and agricultural communities through farmer-driven innovation, BCG celebrated 20 years of research and extension to the agricultural community in 2012. 

BCG conducts field-based research trials and demonstrations across the Wimmera and Mallee regions spanning up to a 200km radius from Birchip. Across the area, BCG strategically embraces geographically specific issues to ensure that research is relevant to local growers.

03 5492 2787
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Years: 1993 to 2016
1345 published trials
985 uploaded trial reports
119 trial sites

Central West Farming Systems

Central West Farming Systems (CWFS) is an independent, not-for-profit, farmer driven organisation. We operate in an area covering 14 million hectares in the lower rainfall, mixed farming areas of Central West NSW (350-500mm rainfall).

Formed in 1998, the group now boasts over 300 members made up primarily of farmers but also private and public sector advisers, researchers and agribusiness. CWFS is based centrally at Condobolin but also operates 11 regional sites within a 250km radius of Condobolin.

02 6895 1025
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Years: 2013 to 2014
35 published trials
0 uploaded trial reports
23 trial sites

Corrigan Farm Improvement Group

The Corrigin Farm Improvement Group is a grower driven group that aims to provide local agricultural businesses with information on production, environmental and economic sustainability, through trials, field walks and seminars relevant to Corrigin and surrounding areas.

Our Vision is to provide the latest information to agricultural businesses in the local community by conducting appropriate local research and events to enhance our social and economic well-being.

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Years: 2012 to 2012
1 published trials
1 uploaded trial reports
1 trial sites

Department of Agriculture and Food WA

The Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia’s role is to grow and protect Western Australia’s agriculture and food sector. We work professionally and with integrity to help deliver meaningful results to industry, government and the community.

Our department supports the success of the state’s agrifood businesses by delivering our Agrifood 2025+ Strategic plan and, in turn, achieving our vision of ‘a progressive, innovative and profitable agriculture and food sector that benefits Western Australia’

(08) 9368 3333
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Years: 1959 to 2016
220 published trials
67 uploaded trial reports
159 trial sites

Eyre Peninsula Agricultural Research Foundation

Incorporated in 2004, EPARF provides a leading role in supporting staff and projects at the Minnipa Agricultural Centre and assists in identifying new research opportunities for low rainfall agriculture. EPARF provides a positive link between scientists, farmers, industry stakeholders and builds strength and sustainability through collaboration with other grower groups in southern Australia.

EPARF is managed by a Board. The role of the Board is to consult with and represent the opinions of the farming community on Eyre Peninsula to make informed decisions that will enhance the region’s profitability.

08 8680 6202
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Years: 2012 to 2016
34 published trials
32 uploaded trial reports
17 trial sites

Facey Group

The Facey Group is a farmer run group that aims to improve on-farm practice to keep farms healthy and profitable into the future. The group conducts trials, demonstrations and extension works in the local region in addition to tailoring training that enables farmers to adopt practices which they see as beneficial and with the potential to increase their production, resulting in increased profits.

Based in Wickepin Western Australia, the Facey Group is an innovative, highly motivated, organised and well-resourced grower group with a strong focus on our local region in addition to being involved with on of the most well recognised and progressive grower group’s in Australia.

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Years: 2012 to 2014
18 published trials
18 uploaded trial reports
14 trial sites

FarmLink Research

FarmLink Research Limited (FarmLink) is a not for profit agricultural research and extension organisation in southern NSW owned by growers and involves advisers and researchers.  FarmLink’s main objective is to coordinate and communicate private, public and grower group funded research and development activities within in the region.  FarmLink has been operating since 2003.   There are three main parts to the business including research, communication and collaboration.

Fitzgerald Biosphere Group Inc.

The Fitzgerald Biosphere Group (FBG) is a non-profit community organisation that works with farmers, researchers, industry groups and federal and state agencies to address local production (e.g. diseases, pests and nutrient limitations) and natural resource management issues (e.g. salinity and soil acidification) to ensure the long-term sustainability of the agricultural industry and the communities within the region.

The FBG operates within the Shire of Jerramungup, which is located on the south coast of Western Australia on the western side of the Fitzgerald Biosphere Reserve.

(08) 98 351 127

Hart Field Site Group

Hart is South Australia’s premier agronomic field site, managed by farmers to provide independent information and skills to the industry.

Since 1982, the Hart Field-Site Group have been conducting cropping trials at Hart in the Mid-North of South Australia. These trials are focussed on being relevant to the broad-acre farming community and are conducted independently. The substantial trials site at Hart is available for inspection throughout each growing season at Hart Crop Walks and Field Days and for student/farming group tours by appointment.

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Years: 2010 to 2014
42 published trials
42 uploaded trial reports
4 trial sites

Irrigated Cropping Council

The Irrigated Cropping Council (ICC) is a not-for-profit Organisation established in 1999. The constitutional objectives of the entity are focussed on advancing the understanding of the mixed farming sector commitment to innovative research.

ICC has 240 individual members involved in agriculture in Northern Victoria and Southern NSW representing farming, advisory, research and other agribusinesses.

ICC reaches over 700 people annually through our events, activities and communications, with farmer representation across the ICC region and beyond.

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Years: 2013 to 2016
48 published trials
46 uploaded trial reports
2 trial sites

Liebe Group

The Liebe Group is a grower driven, not for profit organisation in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia. It is a leading ‘grass roots’ group in Western Australia and has a continually growing membership. This grass roots drive ensures the group remains relevant, timely and valuable to the local farmers and gains industry cooperation. The Liebe Group provides access for members to new ideas, innovation, research and networks all over Australia.

The group conducts research & development and provides information to 120 farm business members in the Dalwallinu, Coorow, Perenjori and Wongan Ballidu Shires, which encompasses a land area of approximately 1,000,000 ha. 

OFT information summary
Years: 2002 to 2015
514 published trials
509 uploaded trial reports
140 trial sites

Living Farm

Living Farm are a York based R&D and consultancy business who work extensively with farmers, agribusiness, research institutions and government departments throughout the Western Australian Wheatbelt and Ord Valley, Kununurra. Over the last six years of operation Living Farm have built a solid and loyal client base and gained a reputation for returning quality trial sites and a high level of data integrity with a focus on open communication with clients.

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Years: 2013 to 2013
2 published trials
2 uploaded trial reports
2 trial sites

Lower Eyre Agricultural Development Association

LEADA is committed to providing support and attracting research activity to the Lower Eyre Peninsula.

It is driven by local issues and the search for solutions that suit local systems.

A grower group that specifically addresses issues and solutions to improve farming systems in your area. 

MacKillop Farm Management Group

MFMG is a leading provider of research and extension for agricultural systems.

MFMG develops and delivers innovative and sustainable farming practices through collaborative research, communication and extension for the benefit of members and the agricultural industry across the South East of South Australia, Western Victoria and beyond.


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Years: 2010 to 2013
53 published trials
49 uploaded trial reports
7 trial sites

Mallee Sustainable Farming Inc.

Mallee Sustainable Farming (MSF) Inc. is a farmer driven organisation delivering research and extension services to the less than 350 mm rainfall Mallee cropping regions of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. MSF operates within a region of over four million hectares, extending beyond Balranald in the east to Murray Bridge in the west.

03 5024 5835
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Years: 2013 to 2016
39 published trials
36 uploaded trial reports
18 trial sites

Northern Agri Group

The Northern Agri Group was formed in 2003 to represent the farmers in Binnu, Ajana and Ogilvie. Since this time they have expanded to include Northampton. There are diverse interests within the group but sustainability and improving yield by whatever means available is important to the group, as well as farming to deal with changing climatic conditions.

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Years: 2016 to 2016
1 published trials
0 uploaded trial reports
1 trial sites

Northern Grower Alliance

Northern Grower Alliance (NGA) is an Incorporated Association that was established in 2005 to provide a regional capacity for industry-driven, applied agronomic research into the challenges of grain production.

NGA is currently working on a five year project, fully funded by GRDC, focusing on the validation and adoption of new agronomic practices in northern NSW and southern QLD.

+61 7 4639 5344
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Years: 2011 to 2016
354 published trials
267 uploaded trial reports
189 trial sites

Northern Sustainable Soils

Northern Sustainable Soils aims to increase Water Use Efficiency (WUE), and hence productivity on the northern soils. This will be achieved through replicated trial work and the subsequent extension of information to the network of farmers and industry contacts in the group.

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Years: 2010 to 2015
24 published trials
24 uploaded trial reports
6 trial sites

Riverine Plains

Riverine Plains Inc is a not for profit, farming systems research and extension organisation that services cropping and mixed farmers in north east Victoria and southern NSW.   

We have a membership base of over 315 farming families spread across a wide geographical area.  Our members farm as far north as Lockhart and Henty in NSW and as far south as Euroa and Shepparton in Victoria.  The majority of our members are dryland farmers though a number also have access to irrigation.

OFT information summary
Years: 2004 to 2016
114 published trials
114 uploaded trial reports
24 trial sites

SARDI Minnipa Agricultural Centre

The South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) provides research and development services to the state government, commercial clients and research partners to help make South Australia’s primary industries and regions internationally competitive and ecologically sustainable.

SARDI’s programs are designed to increase the productivity, sustainability and adaptability of the state’s agriculture, food and wine, fisheries and aquaculture and bioscience enterprises, create opportunities for market growth, address barriers to growth and provide applied solutions.

The South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) operates the Minnipa Agricultural Centre (MAC). MAC serves the cereal growing areas of the Eyre Peninsula, which produces on average 40 to 45% of South Australia's wheat. Research and development conducted at the Minnipa Agricultural Centre includes development of innovative, best practice farm management practices for low rainfall environments.

Society of Precision Agriculture Australia

SPAA is a non-profit and indepedent membership based group formed in 2002 to promote the development and adoption of precision agriculture (PA) technologies.

The association aims to be the leading advocate for PA in Australia and through this role improve the profitability and sustainability of agricultural production systems via the adoption of PA.

0437 422 000
OFT information summary
Years: 2010 to 2011
61 published trials
61 uploaded trial reports
58 trial sites

South Australian No-till Farmers Association

The South Australian No-Till Farmers Association (SANTFA) is a non-profit farmer driven organisation that is led by a committee of volunteers. SANTFA has, over its seven years of growth, successfully promoted the benefits of no-till farming systems and conservation farming in general and now has over 1000 financial members across South Australia.

(08) 8125 6502
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Years: 2009 to 2015
9 published trials
8 uploaded trial reports
8 trial sites

South East Premium Wheat Growers Association

SEPWA is a farmer initiated group that was started in 1993 to represent wheat growers in the Esperance Port Zone.

The group was formed to address the perception that wheat from the south east was of inferior quality to that of wheat from other regions and set about assisting growers in the region to produce premium quality grain to improve our market position.

SEPWA has moved on since this original aim but still strongly retains it as part of its major objectives and in more recent times has expanded into barley and canola.

Today SEPWA's role is to improve profitability and sustainability of Esperance Port Zone grain growers.

08 9083 1152
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Years: 2014 to 2015
7 published trials
7 uploaded trial reports
7 trial sites

Southern DIRT

Southern Dirt is one of Western Australia’s leading grower groups, encompassing some of WA’s most productive land and representing some of the states’ most innovative farmers. Our region extends from Boddington to Frankland and everywhere in between from the coast to the Wheatbelt.  An area that encompasses over 2600 mixed farming enterprises.

Supported by a dedicated committee of farmers and industry specialists our aim is to create and sustain vibrant, healthy, prosperous farms and communities.

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Years: 2012 to 2014
8 published trials
7 uploaded trial reports
6 trial sites

Southern Farming Systems

Southern Farming Systems is a farm driven, non-profit organisation helping higher rainfall farmers with practical research and information that produces sustainable results.

03 5265 1666
OFT information summary
Years: 1996 to 2016
942 published trials
878 uploaded trial reports
81 trial sites

Stirlings to Coast Farmers

SCF works with a number of research partners to conduct paddock scale trials each year, as well as coordinating canola disease surveys and herbicide resistance testing.   In recent years there has been an increased focus on trials looking at incorporating a pasture phase in the cropping rotation. Our Vision is to deliver credible, relevant research and information to benefit our members.

OFT information summary
Years: 2014 to 2015
7 published trials
7 uploaded trial reports
5 trial sites

Upper North Farming Systems

Upper North Farming Systems is a dynamic group of local farmers, advisers and researchers who are committed to maximising the profitability of farm businesses, by testing and adopting robust and sustainable farming practices across the Upper North farming districts of South Australia.

OFT information summary
Years: 2011 to 2014
21 published trials
17 uploaded trial reports
12 trial sites

West Midlands Group

West Midlands Group is recognised as one of the leading grower groups in WA.

It prides itself on ensuring members like you, revei up to date information on crop and pasture research, natural resource management, horticulture research and the role of women in agriculture. Our local focus ensures you get up to date information that’s relevant to your business.  You’ll save hours of your valuable time normally wasted trying to actually find the information you really need.

OFT information summary
Years: 2009 to 2016
233 published trials
61 uploaded trial reports
64 trial sites

Yorke Peninsula Alkaline Soils Group

Established in 1999, the YP Alkaline Soils Group (YPASG) is a not for profit farming – community focused organisation that has brought together a broad range of farmers, researchers and advisors from all districts to collectively address and challenge common barriers associated with farming in an alkaline soil landscape. The aim of this collaboration is to conduct trials and deliver research workshops based on the requirements of its 150 farmer members.