User guides

Below are links to the user guides for the Trial Explorer and Report Library research applications. The user guides provide detailed instructions and further information when using the Online Farm Trials research applications.

User support videos have been incorporated where relevant. To provide feedback or if further information is required please visit the get involved page.


Through consultation with a range of grain industry stakeholders and experts, a number of common questions have been identified in relation to the delivery of trial research data using online systems. A selection of these questions are listed below and will be expanded as new feedback and suggestions are received.

What are the key benefits of the Online Farm Trials (OFT) project?

  • Enhanced online access to the latest information for improving productivity and efficiency of cropping enterprises
  • Integrates with existing trial information management and web systems
  • Simple, fast and efficient online discovery of findings from trial research
  • Australia wide database of trial information provides extensive geographic coverage of trial research findings
  • Extensive historical catalogue of past trial research
  • Flexible searching and filtering options to rapidly identify trials completed on specific areas of interest or relevance
  • Spatially enabled information to provide online interactive maps of trial project sites and integration with other spatial datasets and maps such as soil type and climate data
  • Fast and direct access to digital trial summary and annual report documents via searchable digital library resource

Where does information come from?

Data and information stored on the OFT database is provided by a range of grower groups, research organisations, government bodies and other grain industry stakeholders. All data on the OFT database contains source and researcher information. All intellectual property rights remain with the researcher.

Is OFT only for GRDC funded trials?

The focus of the project is on GRDC funded trials, however, the OFT database is able to host trial research information from any researchers or organisations who would like to contribute. 

What sort of data are used?

The OFT database is able to accept a wide range of summarised results from trial research projects such as those provided in trial result reports produced by grower groups. The database is not designed to store and manage raw trial field data for processing and analysis. The system architecture is based on providing trial result summaries for field trial based cropping research. 

Who owns the data?

The researcher or organisation undertaking the research remains the owner of the data and any associated information stored on the OFT database. Only the information owner will have permission to modify any aspect of the data submitted to the OFT database. GRDC funded trials submitted to the OFT database will stored and accessed as part of GRDC's resource and data archive.

How is the quality of data and information managed?

The accuracy and reliability of information held on the OFT database is the responsibility of the researcher. The release and publication of trial results will follow the policies and procedures of the data custodian. Where possible, the experimental design of the trial and statistical significance values of trial results will be listed to provide a guide on interpretation of the trial outcomes.

Can I submit data?

Anyone undertaking farm trial research may submit data to the system. For further information on submitting data and accessing the OFT research applications, go to the get involved page.

What happens to the data and information?

Trial data submitted to the OFT database are stored on a central trial database maintained by the Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation, Federation University Australia.

Can I modify, delete or update data?

Using the OFT administration centre, the data custodian (or authorised delegate) can add, remove and edit trial projects or data at any time. Access to the OFT Administration Centre requires a login (username and password) that will be provided after contact with the OFT via an Expression of Interest.

Who can access the data?

Trial data and information submitted to OFT will be available to the general public as viewable and downloadable content via the OFT research applications. Where trial information exclusivity policies are in place access restrictions will be placed upon this information. Data stored on the central OFT database can only be modified (uploaded, updated, deleted) by the data custodian or approved delegate. 

Can I download trial data from the OFT application?

Summarised trial results may be downloaded using the Trial Explorer.

How do I get more information?

Please go to the get involved section to find out more about the OFT project.

OFT on your website

An embeddable version of the OFT Trial Explorer has been designed for use on external websites. This development has been undertaken to provide the opportunity for organisations that are using OFT to display their trial project information within their own websites.

With the ability to customise the colour scheme to match the host website design, this version of the Trial Explorer allows staff, researchers, growers and other users to access trial information submitted to OFT in a familiar web environment alongside other relevant online resources. Please contact the OFT project team for more information on embedding the Trial Explorer research application in external websites

Screenshot of OFT embedded within the CeRDI website



Expression of interest

Researchers or research organisations interested in the Online Farm Trials (OFT) project and using the OFT research applications to share and manage trial data please fill out the expression of interest form. The OFT project team will acknowledge receipt of the enquiry and make contact to further discuss potential involvement with the OFT project.

Expression of Interest


Feedback on the Online Farm Trials (OFT) project and research applications is welcome. Please feel free to submit suggestions and feedback using the feedback form below.

Key aspects for feedback include:

  • Key information requirements to aid farm trial research?
  • Commonly asked questions on cropping methods or issues that require further information?
  • What key features are required from the OFT research applications (e.g. particular search features, maps, information format).
  • How is trial information best presented? (e.g. downloaded reports, online data summaries, graphs, maps, spreadsheets)
  • How is trial data currently managed - spreadsheets, word documents, databases, specialised software?
  • Are there other types of information useful to combine with trial information? (e.g. rainfall, soils, salinity, pH, groundwater)



For general project enquiries please contact:

Rob Milne 

Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation
Federation University Australia

Greenhill Enterprise Centre
Mount Helen, Victoria 3350

Ph: 03 5327 9488