Soil type specific nitrogen responses


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Researcher(s) Nicole Dimos (SPAA) and Michael Moodie (MSF)
Year(s) 2010
Contributor Society of Precision Agriculture Australia
Trial location(s) Site 4, Ouyen, VIC
Soil type specific nitrogen responses locations
  • To use PA maps to indentify and sample soil zones within paddocks.
  • To identify potential soil specific nitrogen responses within paddocks.
Key messages

Soil testing prior to sowing revealed that chemical properties were highly variable between zones (see Table 1 in attached Trial report). For example, over a distance of 100 m between the midslope and the swale, soil organic carbon levels nearly doubled from 0.22 to 0.40. Topsoil phosphorus levels also increased from just above the marginal level of 20 (Colwell) on the midslope to nearly 30 (Colwell) on the swale. 

Lead research organisation Society of Precision Agriculture Australia
Host research organisation N/A
Trial funding source GRDC SPA000010
Related program N/A

Scott and Vanessa Anderson, Michael Moodie

Other trial partners Mallee Sustainable Farming
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Crop type Wheat
Treatment type(s)
  • No treatment: Precision agriculture
Trial type Precision agriculture
Trial design Not applicable

Ouyen 2010

Sow rate or Target density 75kg/ha
Sow date 20 May 2010 20 May 2010
Harvest date Not specified
Plot size Not specified
Plot replication Not specified

DAP/SOA 60kg/ha

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Trial results Table 1

# Treatment 1
Soil ammonium (mg/kg) Soil N (mg/kg) Colwell phosphorus (mg/kg) pH CaCl2 (pH) Organic carbon 0-10cm (%) Soil nitrate (mg/kg) Plant available water (mm) Sulphur (mg/kg) Colwell potassium 0-10cm (mg/kg)
1 Swale 5 179 29 7.8 0.4 3 7 6.2 314
2 Midslope 4 105 20 8 0.22 2 51 3.91 231
3 Dune 10 83 40 7.9 0.57 7 46 10.7 504

Colwell phosphorus mg/kg


Colwell potassium 0-10cm mg/kg


Organic carbon 0-10cm %


pH CaCl2 pH


Plant available water mm


Soil ammonium mg/kg


Soil N mg/kg


Soil nitrate mg/kg


Sulphur mg/kg

Observed trial site soil information
Trial site soil testing
Not specified
Soil conditions
Trial site Soil texture
Site 4, Ouyen, VIC Not specified
Derived trial site soil information
Australian Soil Classification Source
Trial site Soil order
Site 4, Ouyen, VIC Calcarosol
National soil grid Source
NOTE: National Soil Grid data is aggregated information for background information on the wider area
Actual soil values can vary significantly in a small area and the trial soil tests are the most relevant data where available

Soil properties



Derived climate information

No observed climate data available for this trial.
Derived climate data is determined from trial site location and national weather sources.

Site 4, Ouyen VIC


Some data on this site is sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology

SILO weather estimates sourced from
Jeffrey, S.J., Carter, J.O., Moodie, K.B. and Beswick, A.R. (2001). Using spatial interpolation to construct a comprehensive archive of Australian climate data , Environmental Modelling and Software, Vol 16/4, pp 309-330. DOI: 10.1016/S1364-8152(01)00008-1.

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