Copper deficiency of wheat in Victoria. 1. Cause


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Researcher(s) AG Flynn and WK Gardner
Year(s) 1987
Contributor South Australian Research and Development Institute
Trial location(s) Site 1, Wimmera, VIC
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Copper deficiency of wheat in Victoria. 1. Cause locations

To investgate the cause(s) of copper deficiency of meat in Victoria.

Key messages
  • 21 field trials across Southern Wimmera.
  • At 18 trials the treatments included 2 kg ha of copper spray-applied to soil and incorporated at sowing; foliar applied copper (75 g Cu/ha) at late tillering; and 150 g Cu/ha at booting; a nil treatment.
  • The other 3 trials investigated correction of previously diagnosed Cu deficiency.
  • One of the most responsive sites in 1984 was reinvestigated in 1985 using similar treatments on an area which had not previously received copper.
  • Grain yield and micronutrient of YEBS for Cu were measured.In 1984 grain yield response to applied copper was 0146 t ha-1 for wheat grown on the Yellow Duplex soils and 1.32 t ha for the Deep Sand site.
  • The Red Duplex and Non-Friable Clay soils were not Cu deficient.
  • In 1985 responses on yellow duplex soils (important cropping soils in region) were much smaller: attributed to fact it was a drier year than 1984 (no waterlogging).
  • In 1984, leaf Cu concentration was initially sufficient but fell below the critical minimum after the onset of waterlogging and remained low until the soil dried out.
Lead research organisation N/A
Host research organisation Agriculture Victoria
Related program More Profit from Crop Nutrition
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Crop type Wheat
Treatment type(s)
  • Fertiliser: Rate
  • Fertiliser: Timing
  • Fertiliser: Form
Trial type Experimental
Trial design Unknown

Wimmera 1987

Sow date Not specified
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At 18 sites, treatments included 2 kg Cu applied to the soil as a spray and incorporated by sowing; Cu applied as a spray to the foliage at 75g Cu/ha at late tillering and 150 g Cu/ha at booting and a nil treatment.

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