Managing secondary or trace nutrients in the current cropping environment


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Researcher(s) S Stacey
Year(s) 2008
Contributor South Australian Research and Development Institute
Trial location(s) Goolagong, NSW
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Managing secondary or trace nutrients in the current cropping environment locations

To investigate the economical viability of trace nutrient (Zn) application.

Key messages
  • With high grain prices, small increases in productivity can significantly improve farm profitability.
  • At Goolagong, NSW, wheat yields were significantly increased by the use of a balanced fertiliser regime including N, P, K, S, Mg and Zn.
  • An analysis of gross margins showed that the application of secondary and trace elements would have significantly improved farm profitability.
  • Zinc-efficient (Excalibur) and inefficient (Gatcher) wheat cultivars grown in calcareous subsoil with low micronutrient levels, high pH and B. Treatments were +/- basal nutrients (exc Zn) and +/-Zn.
  • Gatcher produced 47% more DM tops and double the root length density of Excalibur by maturity.
  • Excalibur was far more efficient in Zn uptake and 7 times more efficient than Gatcher in partitioning zinc to grain.
  • Simulated dry sowing was not shown to have any detrimental effect on Zn fertiliser use efficiency.

Result: Fertiliser incubated in dry soil tended to have greater lability but diffusion was limited, although this did not have any effect on availability to subsequent wheat.

Lead research organisation N/A
Host research organisation University of Adelaide
Related program More Profit from Crop Nutrition

Thanks to Mosaic L.L.C. for funding and supplying fertilisers for the trial and Chris Dowling and David Harbison for managing the trials.

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Crop type Wheat
Treatment type(s)
  • Fertiliser: Application
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Goolagong 2008

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Commercial granular and liquid monoammonium phosphate fertilizers enriched with isotopic Zn were incubated under dry and wet conditions to test effects of dry sowing on fertiliser diffusion, lability and subsequent availability to wheat (Axe)

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