Defining areas of micronutrient deficiency on Eyre Peninsula


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Researcher(s) P King
Year(s) 1974
Contributor South Australian Research and Development Institute
Trial location(s) Site 1, Eyre Peninsula, SA
Defining areas of micronutrient deficiency on Eyre Peninsula locations

To identify areas of micronutrient deficiency on Eyre Peninsula.

Key messages

Soils in the Wharminda and Stokes area of Eyre Peninsula were mapped and areas of micronutrient deficiency established by applying micronutrients (copper, zinc, manganese, iron, boron and molybdenum) in 24 factorial field experiments.

Fertiliser applications were made at the 1-2 leaf , tillering and booting stages.

  • Grain yields were increased by copper application at 11 of the 24 sites.
  • Zinc application increased yield at one site, manganese at one, iron at two and molybdenum at two sites, no increased due to boron application were recorded.
  • Copper deficiency occurred in deep siliceous sands, calcareous sands, solodized solonetz and solodic soils with light brown sand at Wharminda.
  • Zinc and manganese deficiencies were mostly confined to soils with a high carbonate content near the surface.
  • Copper in the grain was a better indicator of deficiency than copper in the soil.
  • Grain yield responses to copper application were indicated by grain copper of <2.5 ppm.
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Related program More Profit from Crop Nutrition
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Crop type Wheat
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Trial design Replicated,Blocked

Eyre Peninsula 1974

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copper sulphate, zinc sulphate, manganese sulphate, sodium molybdate, iron sulphate

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