Trace element concentrations in certain soils of the lower south-east of South Australia


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Researcher(s) G Blackburn and J Giles
Year(s) 1963
Contributor South Australian Research and Development Institute
Trial location(s) Southeast, SA, SA
Trace element concentrations in certain soils of the lower south-east of South Australia locations

To establish the micronutrient status of some South Australian soils.

Key messages
  • Copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc were analysed in 45 soil samples from the lower south-east of South Australia, an area well-known for trace element deficiencies
  • Absolute levels of all trace elements except molybdenum were very low for most soils of this region compared to average values for other parts of the world
  • For soils similar in respect to profile features, parent materials and drainage conditions, each trace element maintains some consistency in its total content in the soil.
  • This was shown particularly in relation to the terra rossas and rendzinas.
  • Terra rosses on dune limestone is distinguished by higher manganese and molybdenum from the groundwater rendzinas on marls, which have higher cobalt, copper, zinc and iron.
  • Several trace elements, especially cobalt, copper and zinc, are significantly higher on the small area of soils developed on volcanic rocks.
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Host research organisation Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Related program More Profit from Crop Nutrition
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  • Soil
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Southeast, SA 1963

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Hannam R (1976) Trace element research in the south-east region of South Australia, Progress report 1974-75. Soil Conservation Branch report S22/76, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

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