P, Zn and Mn fluid and granular fertilisers: movement and availability


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Researcher(s) G Hettiarachchi, T McBeath, E Lombi, M McLaughlin and D Chittleborough
Year(s) 2005
Contributor South Australian Research and Development Institute
Trial location(s) Adelaide, SA
P, Zn and Mn fluid and granular fertilisers: movement and availability locations

To compare the movement and potential availability of Mn, Zn and P when supplied as granular or fluid products in a calcareous and non-calcareous soil.

Key messages
  • Movement of water towards P fertiliser granules occurs and in calcareous soils this causes P to form a solid precipitate with calcium ions and prevents P moving away from where it is applied and reduces likely availability.
  • Manganese from fluid fertilisers moves further away from point of application compared to a granular source of Mn and was potentially more available.
  • Movement of zinc away from point of application was restricted regardless of the source and in both soils but fixation of zinc was less when the sources was fluid rather than granular.
Lead research organisation N/A
Host research organisation University of Adelaide
Related program More Profit from Crop Nutrition
Acknowledgments N/A
Other trial partners CSIRO Land and Water, US EPA Cincinnatti, Uni of Chicago


Crop type No crop specified
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  • Fertiliser: Form
Trial type Article/commentary
Trial design Not applicable

Adelaide 2005

Sow date Not specified
Harvest date Not specified
Plot size Not specified
Plot replication Not specified

MAP plus zinc, monocalcium phosphate plus Mn, Acidified APP plus liquid Zn and Mn, TGMAP plus liquid Zn and Mn, suspension P plus liquid Zn and Mn

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