Effect of boron on canola on sandy soils of the Koojan-Yerecoin district


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Researcher(s) Mason, MG &, , Brennan RF
Year(s) 1995
Contributor Department of Agriculture and Food WA
Trial location(s) Koojan, WA
Effect of boron on canola  on sandy soils of the Koojan-Yerecoin district locations

To determine the rates of boron required for maximum grain yield of canola grown on  sandy soils  across  seasons.

Key messages
  • Summary of   experiment

  • Soil extractable B was 0.7 mg/kg.

  • Plant density were not effected by B fertiliser (64 plants/m2)
  • Plant B concentrations 22 -27 mg/kg.

  • B fertiliser had no effect on seedling density; September Dry matter (DM) (5.1 t/ha); Seed yield (1.73 t/ha) or N % in DM (3.0 % N) or N in the seed (3.5 %).

  • B had no effect on %oil (44.2) or on oil yield (750 kg/ha).

  • Soil extractable B Hot CaCl2 of 0.7 was adequate

    Care needs to be taken on use of borax fertilizer as toxicity was induced in canola with 0.34 to 1 kg B ha−1(3-10 kg borax ha−1) at sowing depressing seed yield, mostly by decreasing plant density. Rather than making general recommendation for B fertilizer application based on 0.01M CaCl2 soil extractable B, soil and plant analysis should be used to diagnose B deficiency and B fertilizer use limited to calcium borate or foliar borax rather than soil-applied borax on low B sands.
  • Boron not required

Lead research organisation Department of Agriculture and Food WA
Host research organisation Department of Agriculture and Food WA
Related program More Profit from Crop Nutrition

Boron not required

Other trial partners Not specified


Crop type Oilseed: Canola
Treatment type(s)
  • Fertiliser
  • Fertiliser: Type
Trial type
Trial design
Sow rate or Target density 5.0 kg canola /ha,
Sowing machinery

12 run sowing machine 

Plot size 1.5 by 25-30 m
Plot replication 3
Plot blocking Not specified
Plot randomisation Not specified
Paddock history Not specified

B at nil, 3 & 5 kg borax /ha.

Experiments involved rates of N fertiliser and timing and other micronutrients 

120 kg Plain super/ha; K basal to soil test value/.

 Copper as Cu sulfate & Zn as Zn oxide as a basal fertiliser

Mo fertiliser (200g/ha)

Herbicide Not specified
Insecticide Not specified
Fungicide Not specified
Pesticide Not specified
Soil amelioration Not specified
Seed treatment Not specified
Inoculant Not specified
Tillage Not specified
Other trial notes Not specified
Trial source data and summary not available
Check the trial report PDF for trial results.
Observed trial site soil information
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Not specified
Soil conditions
Trial site Soil texture
Koojan, WA Not specified
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Trial site Soil order
Koojan, WA Sodosol
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NOTE: National Soil Grid data is aggregated information for background information on the wider area
Actual soil values can vary significantly in a small area and the trial soil tests are the most relevant data where available

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Koojan WA 1995

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BOM Data source BARBERTON [763] 13km proximity to trial site location


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SILO weather estimates sourced from https://www.longpaddock.qld.gov.au/silo/
Jeffrey, S.J., Carter, J.O., Moodie, K.B. and Beswick, A.R. (2001). Using spatial interpolation to construct a comprehensive archive of Australian climate data , Environmental Modelling and Software, Vol 16/4, pp 309-330. DOI: 10.1016/S1364-8152(01)00008-1.