Sowing date x plant density, HRZ South East (Moyhall), South Australia

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Researcher(s) Jason Brand (DPIVic)
Trent Potter (SARDI)
Year(s) 2011
Contributor Southern Pulse Agronomy
Trial location(s) Moyhall, SA
Sowing date x plant density, HRZ South East (Moyhall), South Australia locations
  • To determine optimum sowing dates and sowing densities for maximising yield of new faba bean varieties in high rainfall areas of SA .
Key messages
  • Faba bean yields at Bool Lagoon were again high in 2011 despite below average growing
    season rainfall, being buoyed by high summer rainfall and minimal disease.
  • Varieties performed similarly at Bool Lagoon in 2011, and plant density generally had a  greater influence on yield than variety choice.
  • There was a general yield response to increasing sowing density from 16 to 32 plants/m2 in
    2011, particularly at the later sowing date, however previous research has shown a link to
    increased disease pressure which may negate any potential yield advantage from this higher seeding rate. The recommended seeding rate for beans (24 plants/m2) performed similarly to the high seeding density for all varieties
Lead research organisation Department of Primary Industries VIC
Host research organisation N/A
Trial funding source DPIVic
Trial funding source SARDI
Trial funding source GRDC DAV00113
Trial funding source DPI NSW
Related program Southern Pulse Agronomy
  • Research staff: Jason Brand, Luke Gaynor, Mick Lines, Larn McMurray, Jenny Davidson, Andrew Ware, Trent Potter, Jason Ellifson, Jennifer Briggs, Justine Ellis, Russel Argall, Gerard O’Connor, Stuart Sherriff, Peter Maynard, John Nairn, Leigh Davis.
  • Industry Collaborators: Michael Materne and Tony Leonforte, Pulse Breeding Australia, DPI – Horsham Victoria; Kristy Hobson, Pulse Breeding Australia, DPI – Tamworth NSW; Jeff Paull, Pulse Breeding Australia, University of Adelaide South Australia; Wayne Hawthorne and Trevor Bray, Pulse Australia.
  • We are grateful for the support we receive from the numerous commercial agronomists and seed commercialising companies.

Other trial partners Pulse Breeding Australia, The University of Adelaide, Pulse Australia
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Crop type Faba beans
Treatment type(s)
  • Sowing
  • Sowing: Timing
  • Sowing: Row spacing
Trial type Experimental
Trial design Unknown

Moyhall 2011

Sow date Not specified
Harvest date Not specified
Plot size Not specified
Plot replication Not specified
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Trial source data and summary not available
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Observed trial site soil information
Trial site soil testing
Not specified
Soil conditions
Trial site Soil texture
Moyhall, SA Not specified
Derived trial site soil information
Australian Soil Classification Source: ASRIS
Trial site Soil order
Moyhall, SA Podosol
Soil Moisture Source: BOM/ANU
Average amount of water stored in the soil profile during the year, estimated by the OzWALD model-data fusion system.
Year Moyhall SA
2011 618.6mm
2010 532.8mm
2009 460.0mm
2008 403.8mm
2007 432.2mm
2006 402.0mm
2005 432.8mm
2004 442.5mm
2003 424.2mm
2002 380.4mm
2001 491.9mm
2000 524.0mm
National soil grid Source: CSIRO/TERN
NOTE: National Soil Grid data is aggregated information for background information on the wider area
Actual soil values can vary significantly in a small area and the trial soil tests are the most relevant data where available

Soil properties



Derived climate information

No observed climate data available for this trial.
Derived climate data is determined from trial site location and national weather sources.

Moyhall SA

NOTE: Exact trial site locality unknown - Climate data may not be accurate

Some data on this site is sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology

SILO weather estimates sourced from
Jeffrey, S.J., Carter, J.O., Moodie, K.B. and Beswick, A.R. (2001). Using spatial interpolation to construct a comprehensive archive of Australian climate data , Environmental Modelling and Software, Vol 16/4, pp 309-330. DOI: 10.1016/S1364-8152(01)00008-1.

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