Sowing date, MRZ Mid North (Hart), South Australia

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Researcher(s) Jason Brand (DPIVic) and Jenny Davidson (SARDI)
Year(s) 2011
Contributor Southern Pulse Agronomy
Trial location(s) Site 1, Hart, SA
Sowing date, MRZ Mid North (Hart), South Australia locations
  • To maximise yield of new field pea varieties through the identification of optimum sowing dates,
    and to confirm yield advantages from previously identified best practice blackspot management
Key messages
  • Despite only close to average growing season rainfall, yields in 2011 (average 2.9t/ha) were
    buoyed by stored soil moisture from summer rainfall, low disease levels and generally
    favourable growing conditions, and performed significantly higher than the wetter seasons of
    2009 (2.4t/ha) and 2010 (2.5t/ha) where growing season rainfall was higher but disease was
    more prevalent. These favourable growing conditions are also likely responsible for the lack of
    sowing date response in 2011.
Lead research organisation Department of Primary Industries VIC
Host research organisation N/A
Trial funding source DPIVic
Trial funding source SARDI
Trial funding source GRDC DAV00113
Trial funding source DPI NSW
Related program Southern Pulse Agronomy
  • Research staff: Jason Brand, Luke Gaynor, Mick Lines, Larn McMurray, Jenny Davidson, Andrew Ware, Trent Potter, Jason Ellifson, Jennifer Briggs, Justine Ellis, Russel Argall, Gerard O’Connor, Stuart Sherriff, Peter Maynard, John Nairn, Leigh Davis.
  • Industry Collaborators: Michael Materne and Tony Leonforte, Pulse Breeding Australia, DPI – Horsham Victoria; Kristy Hobson, Pulse Breeding Australia, DPI – Tamworth NSW; Jeff Paull, Pulse Breeding Australia, University of Adelaide South Australia; Wayne Hawthorne and Trevor Bray, Pulse Australia.
  • We are grateful for the support we receive from the numerous commercial agronomists and seed commercialising companies.

Other trial partners Pulse Breeding Australia, The University of Adelaide, Pulse Australia
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Crop type Field peas
Treatment type(s)
  • Sowing
  • Sowing: Timing
Trial type Experimental
Trial design Randomised,Replicated,Blocked

Hart 2011

Sow date 20 May 2011
Harvest date Not specified
Plot size Not specified
Plot replication Not specified
Other trial notes

Some of the pesticide treatments in this research contain unregistered fungicides, application rates and timings and were undertaken for experimental purposes only. The results within this document do not constitute a recommendation for that part

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