Can we extend the sowing window of canola in WA: #3 Beverley


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Researcher(s) Martin Harries, Imma Farre, Jackie Bucat, Mark Seymour (DPIRD)
Year(s) 2018
Contributor Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development WA
Trial location(s) Westdale, WA
Can we extend the sowing window of canola in WA: #3 Beverley locations

To investigate yield and phenology of canola varieties when sown in March to provide better advice to agronomists and growers about the best varieties to use and safe sowing and flowering windows.

Key messages
  • Yields were relatively stable across sowing times ranging from 2.2 to 3.1 t/ha.
  • Early and mid-season hybrid varieties out-yielded the open pollinated varieties of the same season length.
  • These hybrids combine early flowering, high biomass and in some cases a long flowering period.
  • In general varieties had substantial plasticity and growers may be able to use a few varieties across a wide range of emergence dates; this is important if pre-ordering hybrid seed and/or dry sowing.
Lead research organisation Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development WA
Host research organisation N/A
Trial funding source GRDC DAW00227
Related program N/A

Thanks to Mike Baker for detailed measurements and management of this trial, Ben Biddulph for use of this irrigated site, Living Farm for managing the agronomy and DPIRD and GRDC for funding.

Other trial partners Not specified
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Crop type Canola
Treatment type(s)
  • Sowing: Timing
  • Variety: Type
Trial type Experimental
Trial design Blocked and replicated

Westdale 2018

Sow rate or Target density 35 plants/m2
Sowing machinery

Cone Seeder.

Sow date 15 March 2018 4 Times of sowing started from 15 March
Harvest date 24 October 2018
Plot size 12m x 1.54m
Plot replication 4
Plot blocking 4
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Trial source data and summary not available
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Observed trial site soil information
Trial site soil testing
Not specified
Soil conditions
Trial site Soil texture
Westdale, WA Grey loamy sand
Derived trial site soil information
Australian Soil Classification Source
Trial site Soil order
Westdale, WA Anthroposol
National soil grid Source
NOTE: National Soil Grid data is aggregated information for background information on the wider area
Actual soil values can vary significantly in a small area and the trial soil tests are the most relevant data where available

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Westdale WA 2018

Observed climate information

Rainfall trial total (mm) 341mm

Derived climate information

Westdale WA

NOTE: Exact trial site locality unknown - Climate data may not be accurate

Some data on this site is sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology

SILO weather estimates sourced from
Jeffrey, S.J., Carter, J.O., Moodie, K.B. and Beswick, A.R. (2001). Using spatial interpolation to construct a comprehensive archive of Australian climate data , Environmental Modelling and Software, Vol 16/4, pp 309-330. DOI: 10.1016/S1364-8152(01)00008-1.