Statice seedbank persistance


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Researcher(s) Kate Maddern and Claire Browne (BCG)
Year(s) 2018
Contributor Birchip Cropping Group
Trial location(s) Marlbed, VIC
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Statice seedbank persistance locations

To determine how long statice persists in the seedbank and to investigate the effect of crop and fallow rotations on statice control.

Key messages

• Statice seedbanks reduced with targeted management options in three years, providing no new seeds are allowed to set.
• Crop competition and crop-topping to prevent seed set can help to control statice.
• Statice can be hard to control, so good farm biosecurity is important to prevent the introduction of statice. This includes controlling statice in non-crops areas, such as laneways and fence-lines.

Lead research organisation Birchip Cropping Group
Host research organisation N/A
Trial funding source GRDC UA00156
Related program N/A

This research was funded by the GRDC as part of the ‘Seed biology of emerging weeds’ project (UA00156) in collaboration with the University of Adelaide.

Other trial partners Not specified
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Crop type
Treatment type(s)
  • Herbicide: Method
Trial type Experimental
Trial design Randomised

Marlbed 2018

Sow rate or Target density 130 plants/m²
Sowing machinery

Knife points, press wheels, 30cm row spacing

Sow date Not specified
Harvest date Not specified
Plot size Not specified
Plot replication Not specified
Fertiliser <p>2016 -&nbsp;At sowing Granulock&reg; Z @ 50kg/ha + flutriafol @ 200mL/100kg</p> <p>2017 -&nbsp;At sowing Granulock&reg; Z @ 60kg/ha + flutriafol @ 200mL/100kg</p> <p>2018 -&nbsp;At sowing Granulock&reg; Z @ 60kg/ha + flutriafol @ 200mL/100kg</p>
Herbicide <p>2016 -&nbsp;15 June Roundup&reg; @ 2L/ha + Hammer&reg; @ 50mL/ha 15 June Treflan @ 1.5L/ha + Avadex&reg; Xtra @ 1.5L/ha* 7 October Roundup @ 2L/ha + Precept&reg; 1L/ha 16 November Sharpen&reg; @ 26g/ha + Gramoxone&reg; @ 2L/ha + Hasten&reg; @ 1%</p> <p>2017 -&nbsp;8 May Treflan&reg; @ 1.5L/ha + Avadex Xtra @ 2L/ha + Amicide&reg; 700 @ 1L/ha + Roundup&reg; PowerMax @ 2L/ha 20 September Roundup&reg; PowerMax @ 2L/ha 25 September Spray.Seed&reg; @ 2.5L/ha</p> <p>2018 -&nbsp;28 May Treflan&reg; @ 1.5L/ha + Avadex&reg; Xtra @ 2L/ha + Amicide&reg; 700 1L/ha + Roundup&reg; PowerMax @ 2L/ha 17 October Roundup&reg; PowerMax @ 2.5L/ha + Sharpen&reg; @ 34g/ha</p>
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Trial results Table 1

# Treatment 1
Treatment 2
Treatment 3
Plant density (plants/m2)
1 Chem fallow 2016 Pre-sowing 33.2
2 Chem fallow 2016 Pre-termination 8.6
3 Chem fallow 2017 Pre-sowing 17.6
4 Chem fallow 2017 Pre-termination 0.3
5 Chem fallow 2018 Pre-sowing 0.3
6 Chem fallow 2018 Pre-termination 0
7 Crop 2016 Pre-sowing 23.5
8 Crop 2016 Pre-termination 1.4
9 Crop 2017 Pre-sowing 6.2
10 Crop 2017 Pre-termination 0.7
11 Crop 2018 Pre-sowing 0.6
12 Crop 2018 Pre-termination 0
13 Worked fallow 2016 Pre-sowing 44.3
14 Worked fallow 2016 Pre-termination 7.2
15 Worked fallow 2017 Pre-sowing 23.6
16 Worked fallow 2017 Pre-termination 0.2
17 Worked fallow 2018 Pre-sowing 0.7
18 Worked fallow 2018 Pre-termination 0

Plant density plants/m2

Observed trial site soil information
Trial site soil testing
Not specified
Soil conditions
Trial site Soil texture
Marlbed, VIC Not specified
Derived trial site soil information
Australian Soil Classification Source
Trial site Soil order
Marlbed, VIC Calcarosol
National soil grid Source
NOTE: National Soil Grid data is aggregated information for background information on the wider area
Actual soil values can vary significantly in a small area and the trial soil tests are the most relevant data where available

Soil properties



Derived climate information

No observed climate data available for this trial.
Derived climate data is determined from trial site location and national weather sources.

Marlbed VIC


Some data on this site is sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology

SILO weather estimates sourced from
Jeffrey, S.J., Carter, J.O., Moodie, K.B. and Beswick, A.R. (2001). Using spatial interpolation to construct a comprehensive archive of Australian climate data , Environmental Modelling and Software, Vol 16/4, pp 309-330. DOI: 10.1016/S1364-8152(01)00008-1.