Faba Bean, Pre-sowing fungicides, cercospora leaf spot, HRZ South East (Bool Lagoon), South Australia

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Southern Pulse Agronomy

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Researcher(s) Jenny Davidson
Sarah Day
Mohsen Khani
Amanda Pearce
Penny Roberts
Year(s) 2019
Contributor Southern Pulse Agronomy
Trial location(s) Bool Lagoon, SA
Faba Bean, Pre-sowing fungicides, cercospora leaf spot, HRZ South East (Bool Lagoon), South Australia locations

To evaluate the effectiveness of fungicide seed dressings and in-furrow treatments against cercospora leaf spot in faba bean.

Key messages

Tebuconazole foliar fungicide is the superior treatment for controlling this disease, showing that Systiva® seed treatment or Uniform® in furrow were not effective fungicide treatments for control of cercospora leaf spot. 182 Infection from cercospora leaf spot was high early in the season at eight node stage where Uniform mildly suppressed severity compared to the nil treatment. However, by spring the standard tebuconazole treatment at six node growth stage prevented further spread of the disease.

Bool Lagoon SA 2019

Varieties used in trial: PBA Samira, PBA Bendoc, PBA Kareema

Lead research organisation Southern Pulse Agronomy
Host research organisation N/A
Related program N/A

The research undertaken as part of the GRDC-funded Southern Pulse Agronomy project is made possible by the significant contributions of growers through both trial cooperation and the support of the GRDC and the authors would like to thank them for their continued support. The continued assistance in trial management from SARDI Agronomy groups at Clare, Minnipa, Struan and Port Lincoln is gratefully acknowledged and appreciated. The authors would also like to gratefully acknowledge SARDI Plant Pathology and Soil Biology groups for their scientific input and assistance, as well as advisors and grower groups involved in the project.

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