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  • To assess the efficacy of Sumisclex and Bravo fungicide when sprayed at different stages of Albus lupin crop growth.
  • To assess the afficacy of Aviator, Custodia, 1404, Switch and Amistar Top at preventing disease on Albus lupins at 100% flowering stages.

Crop type: Lupins 1 trial Fungicide Type Fungicide Timing
Binnu, WA Loam
Research organisaton


To investigate if Bravo, Sumisclex and Blackjak foliar sorays have an effect on Tanjil Lupin yeild in lupins that were under pressure with a number of diseases  

Crop type: Lupins 1 trial Fungicide Type
Binnu, WA Deep sand
Research organisatons


To compare the efficacy of different adjuvants with varying rates added to Glyphosate or paraquat on weeds such as Paddy Melons, Wild Radish, Serradella, Mint weed, Capeweed, Couch grass and Blue Lupin.

Crop type: No crop specified 1 trial Herbicide Type
Chapman Valley, WA Loamy clay
Source Data Unavailable
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