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To demonstrate more efficient deep ripping of a dry compact sandy soil and to assess any benefits of improved rain infiltration and crop yield.

Crop type: Wheat 1 trial Soil amelioration Application
east Buntine, ACT Sand over gravel
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To provide an overview and improve understanding of the range of tillage implements available to growers to incorporate lime, their respective costs and benefits and to assess novel options.

Crop type: No crop specified 1 trial Soil amelioration Type
Dandaragan, WA
Source Data Unavailable
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To test the effect of very deep ripping to 500mm with shallow leading tines and incorporation of limesand on a very deeply compacted acid sand plain soil.

Crop type: Wheat 1 trial Fertiliser Rate Soil Preparation Soil amelioration Type
West Wubin, WA Sandy loam
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