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Allan Mayfield Consulting (1) Precision Agriculture Australia (1) SARDI (4) Tengrove Consulting (1) Trengove Consulting (3)
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To measure and demonstrate on-farm strategies that can reduce nitrous oxide by trialling four key practices:

  • Use of legumes in the cropping rotation;
  • Application of nitrogen fertiliser at key stem elongation growth stages;
  • The use of precision farming tools to better measure N mineralisation;
  • Us… read more
Crop type: Wheat,Canola,Field peas 6 trials Crop Crop Type Fertiliser
Hart, SA
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To identify variety x sowing date combinations to achieve optimum flowering window.

Crop type: Canola 1 trial Sowing Sowing Timing Variety Type
Hart, SA Calcarosol
Research organisaton
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