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To confirm crop safety of different group B and group C herbicides in PBA Hurricane XT and PBA Jumbo 2 lentils on an acid soil. 

Crop type: Lentils 1 trial Herbicide Herbicide Timing Variety Type
Pyramid Hill, VIC
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1. To evaluate the performance of commercial seeders in establishing canola and lentils by conducting a survey of paddocks.
2. To determine the effect of sowing density, row spacing and seeder type on plant establishment in canola and lentils and subsequent grain yield.

Crop type: Lentils,Canola 2 trials Sowing Method
Narraport, VIC
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To evaluate new and existing pulse (field peas, chickpeas & lentils) varieties and their suitability to the southern Mallee.

Crop type: Field peas,Lentils,Chickpeas 3 trials Crop Type Variety Type
Watchupga East, VIC
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To quantify the effect of paddock stubble management and weed burden during the summer fallow on crop available soil water, nutrients and yield.

Crop type: Lentils 1 trial Soil Type Stubble Management
Hopetoun, VIC
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