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To (i) identify gaps in soil descriptions for the Esperance and Albany Zones (this project will assist growers to make better informed decisions when it comes to addressing their soil constraints and crop management decisions); and (ii) upskill growers and industry on the tools and models available to them and how to interpret the data generated… read more

Crop type: Wheat 1 trial Soil Soil Type
Nyabing, WA
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To (i) improve the understanding of how soil moisture probes and Yield Prophet can be used to complement each other; (ii) increase the range of APSoil soil type selections in Yield Prophet by modifying existing soil types based on the probe data; (iii) provide growers with access to real-time soil moisture data and periodic Yield Prophet repor… read more

Crop type: Wheat 13 trials Soil Soil Type Variety Variety Type
Beacon, WA Bindi Bindi, WA Bonnie Rock, WA Coomberdale, WA Dowerin, WA Howick, WA Jerramungup, WA Lake Grace, WA Merredin, WA Ravensthorpe, WA Southern Cross, WA Warradarge, WA Yealering, WA
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