Northern Agri Group

The Northern Agri Group was formed in 2003 to represent the farmers in Binnu, Ajana and Ogilvie. Since this time they have expanded to include Northampton. There are diverse interests within the group but sustainability and improving yield by whatever means available is important to the group, as well as farming to deal with changing climatic conditions.

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Years: 2010 to 2016
55 published trials
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To compare the efficacy of different adjuvants with varying rates added to Glyphosate or paraquat on weeds such as Paddy Melons, Wild Radish, Serradella, Mint weed, Capeweed, Couch grass and Blue Lupin.

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Chapman Valley, WA
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Herbicide and application timing alternatives to control annual ryegrass and other weeds in fence lines and prevent the onset of resistance.

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Ogilvie, WA
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