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DPI works to increase the value of primary industries and drive economic growth across NSW.

DPI manages a broad range of initiatives from resource to industry, including natural resource management, research and development, pest and disease management, food safety, industry engagement, and market access and competition.

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Years: 2016 to 2016
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Crown rot (CR) caused predominantly by the fungus Fusarium pseudograminearum (Fp), remains a major constraint to winter cereal production in the northern grains region. Cereal varieties differ in their resistance to crown rot, which can have a significant affect on their relative yield in the presence of this disease.

This experiment w… read more

Crop type: Barley 1 trial Crop Protection Variety Type
Edgeroi, NSW
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Sowing date is a key driver of yield and variety performance. The optimum sowing time for an individual variety is a balance between having the variety flower too early and being subjected to frost damage, and conversely having it flower too late and experience prolonged heat stress. Both of these factors can have significant negative impacts on… read more

Crop type: Wheat 1 trial Crop Type Variety Type
Trangie Agricultural Research Centre, NSW
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