The SoilsWest (agriculture) alliance is an independent entity focused on providing a pathway for the discovery and development of soil research to improve both profitability and soil resource management across the Western Australian grains industry.

A foundational partnership between the University of Western Australia (UWA) and Department of Agriculture and Food WA (DAFWA), SoilsWest is currently made up of a group of highly skilled, independent soil science professionals with complementary scientific and research capabilities, research and industry networks, and infrastructure and technology.

The partnership works to develop and deliver strategic research projects supporting the WA grains industry in particular, but also contributes nationally to the Australian grains industry through innovative soil research. SoilsWest invites wider input and partnerships from other local, state and Commonwealth government institutions, industry and grower groups, agribusiness, Universities as well as specific interest groups.

The SoilsWest alliance provides a ‘marketplace’ and network of discipline focused connections to improve integration between the soil science communities, optimise existing collaborations, provide prospective funding opportunities, provide training and education opportunities, and provide parallel soils information and technologies to ensure the continued development of economic farming systems and food chain security.

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Years: 1998 to 2014
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To determine the soil depth that microbes responsible for nitrification (conversion of ammonium to nitrate) are located. 

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Buntine, WA
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