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Upper North Farming Systems is a dynamic group of local farmers, advisers and researchers who are committed to maximising the profitability of farm businesses, by testing and adopting robust and sustainable farming practices across the Upper North farming districts of South Australia.

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Years: 2011 to 2014
65 published trials
17 uploaded trial reports
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Management of herbicide resistant barley grass in pulse crops

Ben Fleet, Lovreet Shergill, Gurjeet Gill (University of Adelaide) and Barry Mudge (UNFS)


Presence of increased seed dormancy in this grass weed species has enabled it to escape pre-sowing control tactics used by the growers. This explains why barley grass is a problematic weed in cereal crops. However, in some locations like Port Germein and Baroota districts, it has now become largely impossible to control in pulse crops. This isli… read more

Crop type: Field peas 1 trial Herbicide Type
Baroota, SA
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