Upper North Farming Systems

Upper North Farming Systems is a dynamic group of local farmers, advisers and researchers who are committed to maximising the profitability of farm businesses, by testing and adopting robust and sustainable farming practices across the Upper North farming districts of South Australia.

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Years: 2011 to 2014
65 published trials
17 uploaded trial reports
21 trial sites
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To implement the findings of previous work conducted on the establishment of native perennial grasses in the Upper North.

Crop type: Perennial shrubs,Grasses 2 trials Grazing Regime
Jamestown, SA
Source Data Unavailable
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Tol trial a range of practices to increase sequestration of soil carbon, including:

  • 1.Unviable cropping land managed for the introduction and/or increased levels of perennial component in pastures ( 3 sites);
  • 2.Implementation of rotational grazing managed pasture for increased levels of cover and biomass (3 sites);read more
Crop type: Grasses,Perennial shrubs 18 trials Grazing Regime
Port Augusta, Arno Bay, SA Cleve, SA Cowell, SA Jamestown, SA Orroroo, SA Peterborough, SA Port Pirie, SA Whyalla, SA
Source Data Unavailable
Research organisatons
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