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The aim of this trial was to to compare commercial faba bean rhizobia inoculant with new acid tolerant strains from SARDI and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD), WA.

Grain Legume: Faba beans 3 trials Seed treatment Seed treatment Inoculant
Ballyrogan, VIC Chatsworth, VIC Concongella, VIC
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This project will provide information on within-paddock variation in soil pH and related soil properties, in different regions of the High Rainfall Zone (HRZ).  To do this, we will map the horizontal and vertical variations in soil pH across 10 cropping paddocks in the Victorian HRZ. This will demonstrate to farmers how soil pH varies spatially… read more

None: No crop specified 17 trials Soil Properties
Devenish, VIC Gatum, VIC Lilliput, VIC Maroona, VIC Miepoll, VIC Mininera, VIC Newlyn, VIC Seaspray, VIC Werneth, VIC Winnindoo, VIC
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