Agriculture Kangaroo Island Incorporated

Agriculture Kangaroo Island Inc. (AGKI) is the peak primary producers organisation on the Island with a charter to represent all primary industries on the Island and ensure a united community voice. AGKI is committed to providing support and opportunities to Kangaroo Island farmers, providing research opportunities across the island and working cohesively with other agencies, organisations and business across Kangaroo Island and Australia to ensure farmers can strive to be more profitable in a sustainable and ethical manner.


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Years: 2016 to 2017
21 published trials
3 uploaded trial reports
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The ‘Good Clover Bad Clover’ project is a three-year project that commenced in April 2017 and aims to increase awareness of the potential issues and improve management strategies to deal with oestrogenic clover.

Crop type: Clover 1 trial Variety Type
Kangaroo Island, SA
Source Data Unavailable
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To determine whether ryegreass or clover are the best fit for Kangaroo Island in terms of heading date and seasonal growth patterns.

Crop type: Clover,Grasses,Ryegrass 6 trials Variety Type
Kohinoor Road Kingscote, SA Playford Hwy, SA
Source Data Unavailable
Research organisaton
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This was the second year of a three-year trial, funded by the South Australian Grains Industry Trust (SAGIT), to evaluate the nitrogen fixation capabilities of various legume species commonly grown on Kangaroo Island.

In this second year, the trial was set up to answer the following questions:

Crop type: Clover,Pea,Canola,Linseed,Faba beans,Lupins 12 trials Crop Rotation Variety Type
Seddon, SA
Source Data Unavailable
Research organisaton
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