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Angel survives summer SU residues

Craig Bell, Jake Howie (SARDI), Ben Ward (Minnipa) and Ron Sly (DPI)


To test the tolerance of the new strand medic, Angel, to sulfonylurea (SU) herbicide residues from a summer weed application.

Crop type: Medic 1 trial Herbicide Herbicide Application Variety Variety Type
Walpeup, VIC
Source Data Unavailable
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Better prediction and management of Rhizoctonia disease in cereals

Amanda Cook (SARDI), Vadakattu Gupta, Stephanie Diallo (CSIRO), Daniel Smith, Wade Shepperd, Kathy Ophel-Keller, Alan McKay (SARDI) and David Roget (private consultant)


To improve the long term control of Rhizoctonia by increasing the understanding of the interactions between disease inoculum and natural soil suppressive activity and to improve the prediction and management of disease.

Crop type: Barley,Wheat,Medic,Canola 4 trials Crop Type Soil Preparation
Streaky Bay, SA
Source Data Unavailable
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To investigate the dry matter (DM) productivity and nutritive value (NV) of a range of pasture species sown independently or in conjunction with Fathom barley at Hart in winter and summer.

Crop type: Clover,Medic,Sulla,Field peas,Vetch,Lucerne 6 trials Crop Crop Type Variety Variety Type
Hart, SA
Source Data Unavailable
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