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Lucerne in the crop rotation

David Watson (Agvise), Simon Falkiner (Falkiner Ag) and Cam Nicholson (Nicon Rural Services)


To answer some key questions about lucerne in the crop rotation:

  • What is the impact of the lucerne phase on subsequent crops regarding yield, quality, soil moisture and nitrogen?
  • What is the best time to remove lucerne - spring or autumn?
  • What is the best method of removing lucerne?
  • What is the … read more
Crop type: Lucerne 1 trial Crop Crop Rotation Grazing Grazing Regime
Inverleigh, VIC
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To comment on Lucerne performance in the southern Mallee.

Crop type: Lucerne 1 trial Variety Type
Birchip, VIC
Source Data Unavailable
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To determine the success of Pasture Cropping for different starting pasture compositions and crop sequences (i.e. the difference betweencropping year-after-year compared to doing it once) in comparison to No Till cropping and pasture treatments. Success will be assessed by the profitability of the crop, the grazing value of the pasture, perennia… read more

Crop type: Lucerne,Mixed species 6 trials Crop Type Grazing
Condobolin, NSW Trangie, NSW Wellington, NSW
Source Data Unavailable
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To satisfy the questions of local farmers.

  • Can you sustainably continuously crop this land?
  • Will we get herbicide resistant weeds with continuous cropping?
  • Which crop rotations are the most profitable?
  • What is happening to nitrogen in the rotations?
  • What impact does continuous croppi… read more
Weethalle, NSW
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To develop high water-use farming systems that integrate crops with perennial pastures.

Condobolin, NSW
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