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The Trial Browser allows users to browse trial projects quickly and loads the results in a simple format. This application has been developed to assist viewing trial projects in cropping areas where internet speeds may be limited. Click on a category of interest to show all trials under that particular category. These results may then be sorted in alphabetical order by title, organisation, year or trial site.

The Trial Browser includes minimal data and is intended as a quick reference tool only. For advanced querying, filtering and spatial search options, use the Trial Explorer.

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  • 628 Crop
    Protection, Type, Rotation, Crop
  • 1234 Fertiliser
    Application, Rate, Type, Method, Timing, Form, Fertiliser
  • 12 Frost
    Frost, Tendency
  • 460 Fungicide
    Application, Type, Rate, Timing, Fungicide, Method
  • 155 Grazing
    Regime, Timing, Grazing, Height, Rate
  • 66 Growth regulator
    Type, Timing, Rate, Application, Growth regulator
  • 23 Harvest
    Harvest, Timing
  • 618 Herbicide
    Application, Type, Rate, Timing, Method, Herbicide
  • 90 Inoculant
    Application, Type, Rate, Inoculant, Method
  • 11 Irrigation
    Rate, Irrigation, Timing
  • 137 No treatment
    No treatment, Precision agriculture
  • 32 Pesticide
    Type, Pesticide, Application, Timing, Rate, Method
  • 355 Soil
    Compaction, Preparation, Soil, Type
  • 225 Soil amelioration
    Application, Type, Rate, Soil amelioration, Timing
  • 727 Sowing
    Rate, Row spacing, Timing, Method, Sowing
  • 235 Stubble
    Height, Management, Stubble, Type
  • 2029 Variety
    Type, Variety

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