A technique for the study of zinc release from controlled release fertiliser pellets


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Researcher(s) D Joyce, C Asher, L Bell and D Edwards
Year(s) 1984
Contributor South Australian Research and Development Institute
Trial location(s) Site 3, Piednippie, SA
A technique for the study of zinc release from controlled release fertiliser pellets locations

To report on the development of a technique to visualise the movement of zinc from a controlled release fertiliser.

Key messages
  • A technique was developed to visualise the advancing zinc front from controlled release fertiliser pellets in agar medium. Dithizone was used as the indicator which changes from yellow to pink when it complexes with zinc.
  • The dithizone and the zinc – dithizone complex were immobile.
  • The rate of zinc movement was sensitive to temperature, being slower at lower temperatures.
  • As the pH was to decreased to 7 the dithizone and the zinc dithizone complex colours faded and the dithizone precipitated.
  • Comparison of the release rates from controlled-release pellets using the agar technique, sequential washing experiments and plant uptake demonstrated that the agar method ranked pellet types in the same order as these are the more complicated procedures.
  • Additionally the technique allows the effects of temperature on release from controlled releasing sources to be quickly assessed.
  • The agar medium, with other indicators, may be useful for a range of active agents as controlled-release materials become more widely used.
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  • Fertiliser: Form
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Piednippie 1984

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Joyce D, Asher C, Bell L, Edwards D (1984) An indicator – agar technique for the study of zinc release from controlled release fertiliser pellets. In Proceedings of the National Soils Conference. Brisbane, Queensland. (Ed. Anon.) pp. 33

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