OFT provides user-friendly research applications in addition to support and tools for managing and publishing trial data and information for the Australian grains industry. Feedback and suggestions on OFT are highly valued and will ensure the tools and resources developed are relevant, practical and useful. Please feel free to submit suggestions and feedback using the feedback form below.

Key aspects for feedback include:

  • Key information requirements to aid farm trial research?
  • Commonly asked questions on cropping methods or issues that require further information?
  • What key features are required from the OFT research applications? (e.g. particular search features, maps, information format)
  • How is trial information best presented? (e.g. downloaded reports, online data summaries, graphs, maps, spreadsheets)
  • How is trial data currently managed – spreadsheets, word documents, databases, specialised software?
  • Are there other types of information useful to combine with trial information? (e.g. rainfall, soils, salinity, pH, groundwater)

Feedback form