Blackspot management in field peas, South Australia

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Researcher(s) Eric Armstrong (SARDI)
Jason Brand (DPIVic)
Luke Gaynor (DPI NSW)
Michael Lines (SARDI)
Larn McMurray (DPIVic)
Year(s) 2007
Contributor Southern Pulse Agronomy
Trial location(s) Hart, SA
Turretfield, SA
Blackspot management in field peas, South Australia locations

To assess wether field pea breeding advancements in resistance to blackspot are significant enough to allow management changes to sowing time in this crop.

Key messages
  • WA2211 had lower disease severity and slower build up of blackspot than Kaspa and Alma,
    however this was not reflected in final grain yield due to dry spring seasonal conditions.
  • P-Pickel T slows the blackspot epidemic during the early stages of the crop growth. The effect of P-Pickel T wears off and disease levels are no different to untreated controls beyond 12 weeks after sowing.
  • The blackspot epidemic spreads further in the crop during flowering and podding, by spore
    splash (demonstrated by trap plants placed at Kingsford trial). Fungicide sprays at this stage, to stop the infection on upper foliage and stems, may be beneficial in higher rainfall regions. This needs to be tested in trials by timing spraying with spore release.
  • Concept trial methodology was successfully developed to assess wether field pea lines with
    improved blackspot resistance levels can be sown at earlier sowing dates than currently
    recommended. However further evaluation is required on WA2211 to assess wether its black spot resistance improvement is significant enough due to the dry seasonal conditions which prevailed in 2007 . This will occur again in 2008.
  • The importance of an additive effect of varietal improvement, seed dressing and foliar sprays in allowing earlier sowing is not fully understood and requires further evaluation in a year more favourable for disease infection and spread.
Lead research organisation Department of Primary Industries VIC
Host research organisation N/A
Trial funding source GRDC
Trial funding source DPIVic
Trial funding source SARDI
Trial funding source DPI NSW
Related program Southern Pulse Agronomy

Key contributors:
The authors wish to thank the contributions of the following people to this project:

  • Russel Argall, Jason Ellifson and Justine Ellis, DPI - Horsham
  • Jenny Davidson, Jim Egan and Jo Crouch - SARDI
  • Peter Matthews and and Ian Menz - DPI NSW

The authors wish to acknowledge the support and assistance of the following people:

  • Michael Materne, Kristy Hobson and Tony Leonforte, PBA, DPI - Horsham.

The assistance and help of John Nairn, Peter Maynard, Mark Bennie and Rowan Steele, SARDI Clare, with trial management is gratefully acknowledged

Other trial partners SARDI, DPI NSW
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Crop type Field peas
Treatment type(s)
  • Fungicide
  • Variety
  • Variety: Type
Trial type
Trial design

Hart 2007

Sow date Not specified
Harvest date Not specified
Plot size Not specified
Plot replication Not specified
Fertiliser Not specified
Other trial notes

Some of the pesticide treatments in this research contain unregistered fungicides, application rates and timings and were undertaken for experimental purposes only. The results within this document do not constitute a recommendation for that part

Turretfield 2007

Sow date Not specified
Harvest date Not specified
Plot size Not specified
Plot replication Not specified

MAP+2% zinc @ 76 kg/ha drilled with the seed

Other trial notes Not specified
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