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This season has brought with it an influx of mice. The increase in mice populations has caused concern for Australian farmers. OFT has a number of trials on mouse management. Please see below for trials that could provide some insight into mouse management in your area. 


Usually a winter weed, GRDC has reported that recent research suggests that ryegrass is adapting to Australia's warmer climate. Read more about ryegrass and how to manage it from the trials below. 

Managing stubbles post-harvest is an ongoing issue that growers deal with every year in their cropping rotation. OFT contains more than 400 trials on stubble retention, management and benefits. There are over 180 published stubble management trials for wheat, 40 for barley and 35 for canola.

Many different strategies exist to conserve soil moisture pre and post sowing including spraying and tillage. There are over 150 trials in Online Farm Trials covering issues that include: managing moisture variability; crop rotations that optimise moisture availability; impacts of break and summer crops; and, nitrogen conservation, including timing of fertiliser application.