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Ascochyta blight

The OFT portal hosts over 150 trials on Ascochyta blight from 1995 to 2018. These predominantly highlight issues of disease management  - when to spray, what to spray and how often to spray to it. 

Winter sowing:

Winter sowing: As the days get colder and light fades earlier, we thought it would be a good time to highlight the 90 trials on OFT that focus on winter sowing. These range from sowing winter wheat varieties to managing crown rot. In addition, there are also trials which explore what to plant when, winter production of lucerne and…

Pest management approaches

Control of crop pests has become increasingly challenging with changes in farming practices and environmental conditions. OFT contains more than 40 trials that provide information on pest management issues, and include reports on trial findings dealing with...

Grazing of crops

How can the grazing of crops be managed so that both grain yield and the benefit to livestock are optimised? OFT contains more than 75 trials from the western, southern and northern grain growing regions on integrating livestock into the cropping program.

GRDC Communities

GRDC Communities

The GRDC Communities online platform provides access to the most relevant, timely and credible information to grain growers, advisors, industry, and technical experts. The GRDC Communities foster an environment where practitioners and experts collaborate across organisations, state borders, and areas of expertise, to discuss, develop, exchange and publish information that is important to the Australian grains industry.
GRDC - National Variety Trials

National Variety Trials (NVT)

The NVT program was established in 2005 by the GRDC, and is supported by the Australian Government and growers through the GRDC. It is a national program of comparative crop variety testing with standardised trial management, data generation, collection and dissemination. This is managed through an internet accessed database that ensures a common approach and uniformity across the system. 
Better Fertiliser Decisions

Better Fertiliser Decisions (BFDC)

Supported by the GRDC and led by the NSW Department of Primary Industries, the Making Better Fertiliser Decisions for Cropping Systems in Australia (BFDC) provides the fertiliser industry, agency staff and agribusiness advisors with knowledge and resources to improve nutrient recommendations for optimising crop production.

Online Farm Trials (OFT) - short documentary film

Short documentary film providing an insight into the Online Farm Trials project - . Online Farm Trials is an exciting initiative that brings nationwide grains research information directly to the grower, agronomist, researcher and the wider grain industry through innovative online technology.

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