Society of Precision Agriculture Australia

SPAA is a non-profit and indepedent membership based group formed in 2002 to promote the development and adoption of precision agriculture (PA) technologies.

The association aims to be the leading advocate for PA in Australia and through this role improve the profitability and sustainability of agricultural production systems via the adoption of PA.


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Years: 2010 to 2011
65 published trials
56 uploaded trial reports
57 trial sites
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Weed seeker demonstration

Nicole Dimos (SPAA), Tom Lyons (Southern Precision) – Spray contractor Simon Craig (BCG), Tim McClelland (BCG) – Principal researchers Simon Craig (BCG) – Trial Coordinator


To demonstrate the effectiveness of weed sensing technology (WeedSeeker) for controlling problematic low population weeds (e.g. Prickly Lettuce).

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Birchip, VIC
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