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Agrarian Management employs experienced independent agriculture consultants providing investment grade advice in business management, finance, grain marketing, research and succession planning to high net wealth farm business owners and managers.

The company has a successful record of improving farm financial performance, enhancing the value of farm assets, and guiding successful intergenerational change and off farm investment strategies.


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Years: 2015 to 2017
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Agrarian Management
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To provide growers and advisers with a better understanding of the benefits of deep ripping and in particular depth of deep ripping required to optimise crop yield and profit.

Crop type: Wheat 5 trials Soil Compaction Soil amelioration
Arrino, WA Eradu, WA Mullewa, WA Ogilvie, WA Walkaway, WA
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To (i) ground truth through statistical analysis of small plot trials current practices of leading farmers in regards to the use of Variable Rate Technology (VRT), predictive yield modelling and nutrition modelling in improving water use efficiency and hence profitability; (ii) address the hypothesis that greater return on investment can be achi… read more

Crop type: Wheat 2 trials Fertiliser Application
Allanooka, WA Yarragadee, WA
Research organisaton
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