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A best bet managment of ameliorated non-wetting soils for the Geraldton Port Zone

To determine what is the best way to apply nutrients on non-wetting soils after amelioration in the
Geraldton port zone (GRDC RCSN project).

Mingenew-Irwin Group
2018 Irwin WA
Research organisaton
Deep ripping, 'deeper' deep ripping and water use efficiency
  • OBJECTIVE 1: For growers, researchers and advisers to have a better understanding of the costs and benefits of ‘deeper’ deep ripping versus standard deep ripping and in particular depth of deep ripping required to optimise crop yield and profit.
  • OBJECTIVE 2: To gain a better understanding of whether the higher cost associated with deeper ripping is matched with a corresponding yield increase taking into account the rainfall zones and the soil type.
  • OBJECTIVE 3: Assess how long the benefits of ‘deeper’ deep ripping benefit last in a CTF system.
  • OBJECTIVE 4: Enable growers and advisors on behalf of their clients, assess the cost-benefit of undertaking ‘deeper’ deep ripping.
Mingenew-Irwin Group
2016 Irwin WA
Research organisaton