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Central West Farming Systems

Central West Farming Systems (CWFS) is an independent, not-for-profit, farmer driven organisation. We operate in an area covering 14 million hectares in the lower rainfall, mixed farming areas of Central West NSW (350-500mm rainfall).

Formed in 1998, the group now boasts over 300 members made up primarily of farmers but also private and public sector advisers, researchers and agribusiness. CWFS is based centrally at Condobolin but also operates 11 regional sites within a 250km radius of Condobolin.

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ConsultAg is an association of professional consultanting firms who provide a complete range of services to people and farm businesses in agriculture.

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Corrigan Farm Improvement Group

The Corrigin Farm Improvement Group is a grower driven group that aims to provide local agricultural businesses with information on production, environmental and economic sustainability, through trials, field walks and seminars relevant to Corrigin and surrounding areas.

Our Vision is to provide the latest information to agricultural businesses in the local community by conducting appropriate local research and events to enhance our social and economic well-being.

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Cox Inall Communications

Cox Inall Communications is Australia's largest and leading public relations agency working in the Agribusiness and Natural Resource Management arena.

Cox Inall provides expert strategic planning founded on thorough research and industry best practice to assist corporate positioning, profile, reputation management, policy revisions and community consultations.

CSIRO - Agriculture and Food

CSIRO is Australia's national science organisation and one of the largest and most diverse scientific research organisations in the world. CSIRO's research focuses on the biggest challenges facing the nation. They also manages national research infrastructure and collections.

CSIRO's Agriculture and Food team is helping Australian farmers and industry improve productivity and sustainability.

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