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Ravensthorpe Agricultural Initiative Network Inc

Ravensthorpe Agricultural Initiative Network (RAIN) is a farmer driven group focused on best practice farming systems and the sustainable use of natural resources in the Ravensthorpe area on the South Coast of Western Australia.

RAIN was established in 2001 by the Ravensthorpe Land Conservation District Committee members who saw the need for a wider focus and a central network to coordinate landcare and production projects across the region.

RAIN is governed by a committee comprising representatives of the various geographic areas of the shire and is well supported by the community.


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Ravensthorpe Agricultural Initiative Network Inc

Riverine Plains

Riverine Plains Inc is a not for profit, farming systems research and extension organisation that services cropping and mixed farmers in north east Victoria and southern NSW.   

We have a membership base of over 315 farming families spread across a wide geographical area.  Our members farm as far north as Lockhart and Henty in NSW and as far south as Euroa and Shepparton in Victoria.  The majority of our members are dryland farmers though a number also have access to irrigation.

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Years: 2004 to 2017
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Riverine Plains