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Liebe Group

The Liebe Group is a grower driven, not for profit organisation in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia. It is a leading ‘grass roots’ group in Western Australia and has a continually growing membership. This grass roots drive ensures the group remains relevant, timely and valuable to the local farmers and gains industry cooperation. The Liebe Group provides access for members to new ideas, innovation, research and networks all over Australia.

The group conducts research & development and provides information to 120 farm business members in the Dalwallinu, Coorow, Perenjori and Wongan Ballidu Shires, which encompasses a land area of approximately 1,000,000 ha. 

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Years: 2002 to 2017
517 published trials
516 uploaded trial reports
143 trial sites

Living Farm

Living Farm are a York based R&D and consultancy business who work extensively with farmers, agribusiness, research institutions and government departments throughout the Western Australian Wheatbelt and Ord Valley, Kununurra. Over the last six years of operation Living Farm have built a solid and loyal client base and gained a reputation for returning quality trial sites and a high level of data integrity with a focus on open communication with clients.

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Years: 2013 to 2013
2 published trials
2 uploaded trial reports
2 trial sites

Lower Eyre Agricultural Development Association

LEADA is committed to providing support and attracting research activity to the Lower Eyre Peninsula.

It is driven by local issues and the search for solutions that suit local systems.

A grower group that specifically addresses issues and solutions to improve farming systems in your area. 

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Years: 2014 to 2014
5 published trials
5 uploaded trial reports
3 trial sites