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Partners in Grain

For more than 15 years Partners in Grain Inc (PinG) has been a successful and active not-for-profit organisation providing professional development opportunities to farming businesses across Australia. As PinG evolved, the five individual regions within the organisation (NSW, QLD, Vic/Tas, SA & WA) developed their own unique strengths and strategies tailored to the needs of growers in their area.

Hence, to enable the regions greater opportunities and efficiencies, in June 2017 Partners in Grain Inc ceased operating as a national organisation, the regions became their own entities and the Partners in Grain Alliance was established.

Working as a national Alliance fosters a network for communication, support, partnerships and shared programs, whilst maintaining independence and relevance to the regional areas.

Each of the members of the Partners in Grain Alliance continues to deliver “locally relevant, personalised training” that is guided by the direction of local growers and industry associates.

Planfarm Pty Ltd

Planfarm commenced in 1974 as a partnership of Peter Falconer, John Abbie and Ken Boughton all New Zealanders who came to Western Australia in the 1960’s as agricultural advisors to work in the many farm improvement groups which were established at that time.

Planfarm now have a presence across the Western Australian wheatbelt however our key focus has not changed and that is to deliver value to our clients by quality independent advice tailored to meet their individual goals.

Today we are proud to service over 480 farmers including some of the state’s most successful and innovative farmers.

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Planfarm Pty Ltd

Precision Agriculture Pty Ltd

Precision Agriculture are Australia's leading provider of precision agriculture services.

Whether it's on-farm, for industry or government they collect, measure and interpret data to find opportunities for technology to deliver savings and unlock potential. They provide practical assistance and support to apply their findings to the real world.

We foster partnerships with leading suppliers in order to bring the latest in technology to our customers with products and services from around the globe. With offices around the country and a team dedicated to advancing our industry, we have the knowledge, technology and skills to deliver leading precision agriculture services tailored to our customers' needs.

Precision Agronomics Australia

Precision Agronomics Australia (PAA) is a truly unique business that was formed in 2005. The vision of PAA is to close the Precision Agriculture loop ensuring that farmers obtain profit and production gains through the implementation of variable rate technology.

Precision Agronomics Australia is a professional consultancy business, specialising in precision farming practices. PAA consists of agronomy consultants and precision farming specialists servicing the whole of Western Australia.

The PAA approach to Precision Ag is to provide a service that integrates the three essential components critical to the success of implementing VRT: data collection and processing; agronomy consultation/prescriptions; and, machinery implementation.

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Precision Agronomics Australia