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To investigate the dry matter (DM) productivity and nutritive value (NV) of a range of pasture species sown independently or in conjunction with Fathom barley at Hart in winter and summer.

Crop type: Clover,Medic,Sulla,Field peas,Vetch,Lucerne 6 trials Crop Crop Type Variety Variety Type
Hart, SA
Source Data Unavailable
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To evaluate new and existing field pea varieties.

Crop type: Field peas 1 trial Variety Type
Winchester, WA
Research organisatons


To report on the role and management of high density legume break crops in dryland dropping rotations.

Crop type: Field peas,Vetch 2 trials Crop Crop Type
Cootamundra, NSW
Source Data Unavailable
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To measure the effectiveness of herbicides used in Clearfield and non-Clearfield cropping rotations to control problematic weeds in the Mallee including wild radish and brome grass.

Crop type: Wheat,Field peas 2 trials Crop Rotation
Pira, VIC
Source Data Unavailable
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