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SCF works with a number of research partners to conduct paddock scale trials each year, as well as coordinating canola disease surveys and herbicide resistance testing.   In recent years there has been an increased focus on trials looking at incorporating a pasture phase in the cropping rotation. Our Vision is to deliver credible, relevant research and information to benefit our members.

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Years: 2014 to 2015
67 published trials
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Rotation renewal, profitable legume phase options

Project supervisor: Jeremy Lemon (DAFWA); Project officer: John Blake


To demonstrate establishment, management and viability of legume phase options in cropping rotations with appropriate agronomic management packages.

Crop type: Oats,Clover,Serradella,Mixed species 40 trials Crop Type Inoculant Application
Darkan, WA Gnowellen, WA Kenmare, WA Lake Grace, WA Nyabing, WA
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