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To better understand yield drivers of canola in eastern Australia by improving the profitability of canola as part of the 'Optimised Canola Profitability (OCP)' project..

Crop type: Canola 3 trials Sowing Sowing Timing Variety Variety Type
, SA Lameroo, SA
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To strengthen our knowledge on seasonal changes in the (1) biological value of stubble (2) mineralisation: immobilisation balance (ratio) and (3) the direct supply of N from stubble to crops as influenced by stubble management.

Crop type: Wheat 6 trials Fertiliser Type Fertiliser Timing
Temora, NSW Karoonda, SA Horsham, VIC
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A series of multi-year field trials were conducted at sites in SA, Victoria and NSW to determine key soil, environment and management factors influencing the pathogen dynamics and disease impact in cereal crops.

Galong, NSW Karoonda, SA Streaky Bay, SA Waikerie, SA
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To test whether sheep grazing in no-till systems damages soil and reduces crop yields.

Crop type: Wheat,Lucerne,Canola 6 trials Grazing Regime Stubble Management
Condobolin, NSW Temora, NSW
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